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Nutrition for the Brain
One of the most significant aspects of having a healthy and functional mind is to ensure you are consuming key nutrients for your brain

Improve Your Reading Skills
Reading is a powerful tool in our society. Everywhere you look words leap out at you, enticing you to learn more about what they have to say.

Improving Sleep
Watching the minutes tick by on the clock can be an extraordinarily frustrating experience for anyone who can’t get to sleep.

Improving Writing Skills
If you are one of the many people who has trouble with writing, have hope; there are study skills that can improve writing skills.

The Truth About Photographic Memory
Many people doubt the existence of photographic memory, but what actually is it? Photographic memory is said to be a skill where a person can remember and describe images and sounds in very accurate ways.

Short and Long Term Memory
Our short and long term memory serves as a storage locker for those memories that we keep long term. It is any memory that stays with use for more than a few minutes, and is how we remember things like the names of those close to us or the rules of a board game.

Exams Stress
Are you one of the many people struggling with exam stress? Does the thought of sitting in front of those mysterious questions make your heart race and your body start to sweat?

Ways To Improve Your Memory
Are memory problems affecting your day-to-day life? Try these simple memory-enhancing techniques to improve your short and long-term memory.

Coping With Workplace Stress
Work can be a juggling act of meetings, reports due, staff conflicts and expectations. Work stress can begin to take its toll and affect your overall job performance.

Memory Improving and Enhancement Techniques
It’s impossible to learn anything new without employing some form of memorization technique. Learning and memory work hand-in-hand in our ability to acquire, retain and use information.

Age and Memory Loss
Age-related memory loss is an inevitable fact of growing older, but it doesn’t have to be a lost cause – there are many proven techniques that can help you to improve your memory. Here are some great memory-enhancing tips to help you get started.

Exercises to Improve Memory
Are you looking to improve mind power and memory? If so, then memory exercises can help you to improve these skills. Here are some simple techniques to improve brain power.

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